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English in Germany is the brainchild of Susan Kubitz, Susan Kubitz who came to live in the East of Germany in 1996 and now with her team and a network of local people wishes to encourage other speakers of English to come and enjoy the green heart of Germany. The treasures here have long been undiscovered and will appeal to the discerning tourist. There are ideas for activity holidays or short breaks with time for rest as well as learning.
If you are looking for a short break in a busy schedule, follow the links below for your sort of holiday.
The English in Germany network assumes that you, the holidaymaker, want to be in charge of your own planning and payments but that you would appreciate help in crossing the language barrier. The help available includes formal German lessons, interpreting at sites that interest you, online searches for transport to fit with your schedule followed by phone calls/email with details of how to book, and, on a similar basis, recommendations of places to stay in the price range you give us.
With this help from a bilingual service linked to local people who share your interests (geology, history, herbs, ornithology .....) you will be able to appreciate what you are seeing, and in meeting people, cross the conventional "tourist" threshold.


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