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This part of East Germany offers a setting which in itself gives you new energy, whatever your level of fitness. Click through the links below if you are coming to Thüringen with energy to spare or are hoping to find some when you get here!

Walking Cycling Hillsports (summer)
Hillsports (winter) Gentler Pursuits  

Walking  German Version

For a really active walking holiday (with or without a "learn while you're here") input,Wandern mit Heinz the Rennsteig is to be recommended. We will gladly assist with route planning. Our closest point is the "Dreiherrenstein", where there is a walkers' car park and an inn. The name reflects the fact that, here, the territorial boundaries of three dukedoms met. They all had their own import and export tariffs and it is not hard to imagine that this spot in the quiet hills was once a busy trading post - take a companion with you from East German Holidays to bring more of the history surrounding your route alive.

Walking Cycling Hillsports (summer)
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Cycling  German Version

Keen cyclists will meet others of their own kind enjoying the challenge of hill ascents and the downhill follow-on among beautiful countryside through which the Rennsteig passes. Thüringen RundfahrtThe inns and hotels are geared to the arrival of cyclists as well as walkers. If your pleasure is in off-road cycling, you can choose between the spartan and the luxurious for a night's rest.

Thüringen has an enlightened policy of allowing bikes to go free on train-rides. It also has people working hard on the development of cycle-routes, so that there are ever fewer points where cycles are sharing scenic roads with other traffic. If you need to hire a bike, there are numerous sources run by cycling enthusiasts.

Mountain biking is a sport with a number of local aficionados. Special routes are being planned to help them increase their numbers without any inconvenience to walkers. We will help you find a bike for hire, places to visit and accommodation en route. Watch this space for our cycling holiday package.

Walking Cycling Hillsports (summer)
Hillsports (winter) Gentler Pursuits ... top

Hillsports (summer)  German Version

Nordic (Hill-) Walking The Thüringer Wald is ideal for those who want to push themselves with the help of a little technology as in Nordic Walking or inline skating (come and practise on an Olympic-standard area laid out for the biathlon events, or simply in the weekend quiet of an industrial estate with smooth asphalt and stunning views).

The region has a site where the equipment enables you to have the feeling of the ski-jumper without the danger, all year round.

Tobogganing is not only a winter sport in Thüringen; there are summer toboggan runs, too. Ilmenau is where gold medallists in the luge at the Olympics came from in earlier years.

Walking Cycling Hillsports (summer)
Hillsports (winter) Gentler Pursuits ... top

Hillsports (winter)  German Version

In the winter of 2004/2005, even without the snow-making machines that extend the season,Langlauf we had 10 weekends when the pleasures of skiing and sledging and even ski-jumping (in Oberhof) were available at low cost to all comers. The special alpine climate of Oberhof's situation (more often found at 2000m than, as here, at less than 1000m) is what has enabled Olympic biathletes, ski-jumpers and luge experts to bring high honours to Germany. This is a place where those who have such skills rub shoulders with the other locals who are simply out and about, enjoying the many cross-country routes and some downhill skiing. In the winter season the ski-lifts are not at all expensive. Sledging is often possible alongside themand whole families can go out for a day in the snow together without feeling that their whole time has been spent at a specialised ski resort.

Husky racing, ski-carnivals and other events are likely to be happening – if you ask us to help you book a holiday in winter we will tell you about these and you can ask us to plan accordingly.

Walking Cycling Hillsports (summer)
Hillsports (winter) Gentler Pursuits ... top

Gentler Pursuits  German Version

Erholung If you clicked on our “Active holiday” pages first, don't neglect the gentler pursuits on our Rest and Recreation pages. The many swimming and health facilities in the area will soothe aching muscles. They are frequently tapped into geothermal or deep mineral sources.

Walking Cycling Hillsports (summer)
Hillsports (winter) Gentler Pursuits ... top